Michael Platzer

Academic Council on the United
Nations System (ACUNS)
Vienna NGO Alliance on Crime
Prevention and Criminal Justice

Michael Platzer

Michael K. Platzer

Liaison Officer for the Academic Council on the United Nations and Chair Vienna NGO Alliance for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.  Served 34 years in the United Nations Secretariat in various capacities in the Office of the Secretary General, human rights, technical cooperation,  HABITAT, UNDP, peacekeeping, and the Office on Drugs and Crime.  Guest lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, University of Graz, Law School of Vienna University, Austrian Centre for Peace Studies (Schlaining), Bond University (Australia), Sydney University Centre for Peace Studies, University of Tillburg (Netherlands), University of Otago (New Zealand), University of the West Indies (Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad),  Kingston University (UK) and Cornell University (USA).  Organizer and editor of the proceedings “Can the United Nations Be Taught? A Compendium of Innovative Teaching Techniques(2008); organizer of ACUNS Annual Meeting “New Security Challenges” (Vienna, 2010); co-organizer University of Vienna/IOM/ACUNS conference “Youth and Social Exclusion”(2010); secretary, preparatory meetings and participant Twelfth United Nations Congress Workshop “International Criminal Justice Education for the Rule of Law” (2009, 2010);  organizer and editor “Jugendliche im Gefaengnis? Modelle im Umgang mit straffaelligen Jugendlichen” (Austrian Ministry of Jusice, 2009); organizer ACUNS conference “United Nations and new Social Media” (Wels, 2007), “Using the New Information Technology: Creating a Web.2 Environment for Human Rights”, contribution to Vienna World Conference on Human Rights (2008).   Producer/ Director of teaching videos “Making Standards Work” (SMR for Prisoners), “The Forgotten Ones” (Victim Rights), and “Crime Prevention Works”.   Member of the European Society of Criminology, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, World Society of Victimology, International Catholic Commission of Prison Pastoral Care, Penal Reform International,  and the United Nations Associations of Austria and of Australia.    Conducted studies of the Africans in Austrian prisons and migrant children held in detention, co-ordinated handbooks on treatment of foreigners in prison, religious freedom in prison, and chaplains confronted with torture, organized a symposium on teaching climate change (Belgrade, 2010), contributed to conference “Ethics and Climate Change” (Olomouc, 2010) and “Social Responsibility vis a vis Climate Change” (Bled, 2011).  Helped organize Human Rights Film festivals in Klagenfurt, Vienna, and London


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One Comment on “About/CV”

  1. Marie Nissanka Says:

    Dear Michael

    My name is Marie and I will be visiting the UN in Geneva and Vienna in early December. I am the Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs for the United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNANZ). I am also heavily involved in starting a UNANZ Academic Network (similar to ACUNS). Antony Vallyon (President of UNANZ) informed me about you and I would be very grateful if we can meet at some stage. I am very interested in visiting the UNA and WFUNA offices in Vienna during my stay.

    I will also be visiting the United Nations Independent Internship Network (UNIIN) as I will be handing a research paper to them. I will be in Vienna from 4-12, 24-26 December and mid-late January 2010.

    I understand there is a UNDP conference in early December, and I was wondering if parts of that conference would be open to UNA members.

    I look forward to hearing from you Michael. Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

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